Renters & Condo Insurance

Renters insurance costs less than most people think! At Eastern Insurance Associates, we can show you how renters insurance can protect your belongings. Renters policies can generally start at less than $20 per month and only increase when adding additional coverages at your discretion.

Protect your valuables against unexpected loss or damage. Such items include your computer, smartphone, jewelry, collectibles, furniture, and clothing. If these items are damaged by fire, theft, or vandalism, your renters insurance coverage can protect you from financial loss. Personal belongings in your vehicles are also covered.


Condo Insurance covers the following:

  • Significant losses and damages to the interior of your condo caused by a fire or other damaging event. This is important if your condo association only carries a bare-walls master policy.
  • Protection against damage or theft of personal property like clothes, furniture, electronics, etc.
  • Personal liability in case someone gets hurt while visiting your unit will cover any medical or legal expenses you may incur.
  • If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot live in your condo for an extensive period of time, your condo insurance policy may help you cover some, or all, of the hotel and living expenses you accumulate over this period of time.
  • Loss assessment coverage becomes necessary when your condominium building suffers an extensive loss and the costs to repair or rebuild go above those covered by the master policy. The condo association may ask you and the other condo owners to assist with this overage. You would be covered if your condo policy included loss assessment coverage.

Items typically not covered by condo insurance include wear and tear on the unit, earthquakes, flooding, and sewer backup.

At Eastern Insurance Associates, we are prepared to discuss condo insurance’s do’s and don’ts.  We understand that every condominium complex is unique, and every condo owner has special insurance needs.

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